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Our Programs

Students who are enrolled in the program may look forward to the complete performing arts experience, including some of the following:

  • Group trips to see professional/Broadway musicals
  • Master classes and workshops
  • Auditions and auditions techniques
  • How to create a theatre resume & write a biography
  • Rehearsal time with professional choreographers
  • Stagecraft: makeup, lighting, sound, set design & theatre terminology
  • Professional venue stage performance opportunity with professional lighting and sound technicians.

BKC School of Performing Arts is constantly updating and expanding its curriculum in an effort to bring our students the most complete performing arts program available.

Current Offerings

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1/2hr -2 hrs of classes per week, all ages, all levels. Students audition and can participate in musicals as part of ensemble and end of year showcase. Invitation to master classes and workshops.

Young Professionals

Students taking min 3+ hours per week in Dance, Acting & Voice. Should include tap, jazz, acting at a minimum. Students are eligible to audition for a leading role in our musical and participate in all productions/performances. Invitation to attend special master classes and workshops. *May be eligible for part time team when enrolled in this program- by invitation

Competitive Teams


Theatre/Production and Musical Theatre

Requirements: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Acro, lyrical & Acting. By Invitation and Audition​.  An extension of the Young professionals program but also will attend 2-5 competitions per year in addition to musical and studio performances.​ Only those taking private voice within our company can compete with these vocals.