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Birthday Parties

Suggested themes:

  • Frozen
  • Princess 
  • 50’s sock hop
  • Annie 
  • Wicked 
  • Hairspray 
  • Hip Hop
  • Acting 
  • Fashion show 
  • And more…. 
"This is the best birthday party my daughter has been to! Fun for kids of all ages (even the adults were dancing)!"
Desiree L.

Pick your favorite song and our staff will choreograph a dance to it.

We provide:
1 1/2 hour party.     All customized for the “star” of the party.

(Sample schedule):
Start with freeze dance and an acting game following by dance choreography of your choice.
We set up tables and chairs for guests, a hostess and we clean up after.
Party favor – BKC gift certificate for each guest and guest of honor.
You provide your decorations, food/snacks and drinks. 

Basic Party package:
$250 – 1 1/2 hours up to 15 guests. $10 each additional guest.


  • $30 – Costumes (based on availability of your party theme)
  • $50 – Princess or character visit (based on availability) 
  • $100 – Face painting 
  • $15 – Per child for hair and makeup boutique

We will customize a party to make it extra special for your shining star!